+ What are the prices for your services?

Prices vary depending on many different factors including location, hours spent shooting, time spent editing, equipment needed, etc. Contact us for a free quote and consultation HERE.

+ I know I need videos/photos, but I’m not the best at developing a creative direction. Is that something you all can help with.

Don’t you worry about a thing! After we get to know you a bit better through your free consultation, we’ll be able to find the right direction us to go in.

+ I need models/actors/voiceover for my video/photo shoot. Is that something you guys can coordinate?

Yes, we’re partnered with a number of agencies throughout the Chicago-land area, so we'll take care of getting you everything and everyone you need.

+ Where are you guys located?

Our Chicago office is conveniently located in River North (20 W. Kinzie Ave).

+ Do you have a studio for photo shoots?

We’re partnered and have access to many shoot locations around the city. Reach out for a free quote and consultation HERE and we’ll find the best location for what you’re looking for.

+ How long do I have to wait to get the finished product?

Because timeframes for edits vary from project to project, we work with you to develop a deadline schedule that works for you.

+ I want to intern/work for XVThree! Where can I find the info?

Attach your resume and why you think you would make a good fit on our team in an email to info@xvthree.com

+ I see you guys produce events too. What kind of events? Where can I find out more information about them?

We do! Most of our events are in the Music & Entertainment realm, but we are able to coordinate and produce any kind of event or gathering. All upcoming events can be found HERE. If you’re looking to be involved with, or have question about producing an event email info@xvthree.com.